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Why I knit

Long time ago my mom taught me how to knit. I used to do it for a few years and then I stopped. I start enjoying knitting again before my son was born 5 years ago.

The first things you knit are scarfs. Lots of them. Scarfs are easy to make with different stitches, different lengths and different patterns. Last thing I remember knitting when I was a child was an evening long light blue backless dress. It looked so great. I knitted without a patter. I was so good back then. I never got to wear it to an event, just around the house.

Now, I don’t think I will be able to do that and I feel so bad. All this years that I spend without knitting made me forget a lot. I am so mad with myself about that. But, there is still time to remember it and learn more about knitting.

Knitting and crochet jewelry and clothes

Studies show that knitting is the new meditation. It helps boost your memory and lowers the risk of subsequent dementia. So start knitting (or crochet).

You can make art and display it in your home, make jewelry or Christmas gifts.

I am so fascinated by knitting. I dream about projects, I make plans in my mind about projects I want to and that makes me happy.

Knitting is a tradition in my family. I learned from my mom, my mom from her mom so on. My twin sister knits also. Here is her blog: Handmade tricot. My boy loves to knit with me. He says “Let’s knit together” and he plays with the yarn. He is “helping” mom. It is so wonderful to see him doing so even a few times I had to start all over again. But we knit together and this is all that counts.

Knit for an hour. It will make you happy, make your day better and you will feel great.

Join or start a knitting club or go online to sites or chat rooms about knitting. You are not alone.

Enjoy knitting! I know I am.



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