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Hats for kids

Hats for kids

I started knitting for my little one scarfs and hats. On the internet you can found so many patterns to choose from, so all you have to is pick a yarn and needles and start knitting.

Kids wear almost anything when they are small, because they don’t care about the clothes they care about being comfortable. With winter just around the corner, you will need to start as soon as possible to knit a hat for your kid or kids. It doesn’t take too much time to make 2 -3 hats and scarfs for the winter. You can finish a simple scarf for a kid in a day.

You have animal hats, very warm and chunky winter hats, colorful hats stripped beanies, etc. Kids will love the playful animal hat and you will love it because it keeps the warm and you made it for them. Make one with his favorite animal. If you can’t make one with any animal you can. He or she will like it.

You have also cartoon characters, movie characters, fruit or vegetables or simple hats.

I did the giraffe hat without a pattern. I improvised. I saw the hat on the internet and I thought that I can do that. Spots scared me, but after I drew the spots on a piece of paper, everything became very simple.

Another easy hat was the one with two buttons: a simple pattern with an interesting yarn. To make it even interesting I add the buttons on top. My son said that he looked like a small frog. Nailed it!

The blue one is the softest hat I ever made. That yarn is fantastic. I made for him also a scarf to go to the hat. He loves the scarf because is soft on his face in the winter.

The last hat from the photo is the warrior one: is the helmet of a Roman soldier or a Mohawk. You can decide which one you like more or which one the kids like more. The need a name for their cool hats.

All this models are great for adults, too.

More inspirational patterns will come. Happy knitting!


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