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Roman helmet or Mohawk hat for kids

I am a fan of beautiful and colored hats. Crazy models, wild colors and interesting patterns just make me feel happy and ready to play outside in the snow. I love making crazy models for my little boy, too. This is an adaptation of a crochet hat.  When I knitted this hat I knew nothing… Continue reading Roman helmet or Mohawk hat for kids

Christmas decorations

Christmas wreath

Wreaths are an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits or various materials that is constructed to resemble a ring. They are used as household ornaments for special events as Easter or Christmas. In other countries they use wreaths in ceremonial events. Wreaths are made from evergreens and symbolize strength. The word wreath comes from Middle English wrethe and… Continue reading Christmas wreath

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Elegant knitted purse with beads and tassel

I always find it so hard to have a nice unique night purse. After attending a few weddings and parties this year I decide to make an evening purse especially for this king of events. This is my second one. I have a golden one, but is still a working progress. This one took a… Continue reading Elegant knitted purse with beads and tassel

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Why “Loving to purl”?

“Loving to purl” came as a normal thing after 4 years of food and photography blogging. My blog cooking without limitsmade me love blogging. So I thought why not start another one about all the things you can make home with your kids. I started in September, so not so many projects yet on the… Continue reading Why “Loving to purl”?