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Why “Loving to purl”?


“Loving to purl” came as a normal thing after 4 years of food and photography blogging. My blog cooking without limitsmade me love blogging. So I thought why not start another one about all the things you can make home with your kids.

I started in September, so not so many projects yet on the blog, but I promise I have more good things to come.

From knitting and crocheting to paper cutting, wood projects and decorations, I have it all. You will need some skills for some projects but others are so simple that a 4 years old kid would be capable of doing them. I know that because my little one did them. For a kid, crafting, is a way to discover new things, boost their confidence, learn to cut, draw, paint, glue, etc. The most important thing is quality time spend with his parents.

You will need just a little bit of time, patience and cheap materials (or expensive).

I have also recycled jewels, yarn, paper or other things. I notice that I tend to lose one earring and then I am stuck with lots of earrings without pairs. I have pieces of jewelry incomplete, ugly Christmas decorations, interesting bottles, etc. I kept them all because sometimes you can reusing them for new projects.

There are so many beautiful things you can do. They can be gifts for your family or friends or just for yourself. Friends will appreciated because will be a very personal gift made by you.

Also, handmade is the new therapy. Keep you relaxed and helps your brain, which in this time is a golden. All the daily stress is killing us slowly. So picking a new hobby will help us in the long run.


So keep DIY! It would be fun.

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