Christmas decorations

Christmas wreath

christmas wreath

Wreaths are an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits or various materials that is constructed to resemble a ring. They are used as household ornaments for special events as Easter or Christmas. In other countries they use wreaths in ceremonial events. Wreaths are made from evergreens and symbolize strength.

The word wreath comes from Middle English wrethe and from Old English writha, band.

Ancient Greece and Rome used wreaths and they resembled a diadem. In the Greco-Roman world, wreaths were used as an adornment that could represent a person’s status, achievements, rank and occupation. At the original Olympic Games, laurel wreaths were used to crown victorious athletes.

Wreaths were used since Ancient Greece at funerals and are commonly laid at the tombs of soldiers and at memorial ceremonies.

In the last 4 years I started to enjoy making Christmas wreaths. The one I show you now is very easy to make. I used a wreath form, an old white window curtain, orange band, glue and orange peel.

My oranges peel were cut in the shape of a star and then let it dry. I have a bag of them already dried to use it anytime I like. I paint them with a golden color for an elegant look.

Next step is to cut my window curtain in 4 cm wide strips and then just put it around the wreath. I glued them so they don’t move, because I wanted to have a nice model without gaps.

Next step is to glue the 8 stars on the wreath. I put just a few just to look very stylish. Don’t panic if you can’t paint them perfectly. They look better like that, because you can see what the stars are made of. If you don’t have paint, leave them natural.

The last step is to cut a 20cm orange band and put it on the wreath so I can hang it on the door.

During the winter I use it on a green natural wreath. I just put it on top and then hand it on the door.

After Christmas is gone you can use it every day.

Wreaths! Wreaths! Wreaths! Love them! Happy Holidays!


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