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Roman helmet or Mohawk hat for kids

Roman helmet or Mohawk hat

I am a fan of beautiful and colored hats. Crazy models, wild colors and interesting patterns just make me feel happy and ready to play outside in the snow. I love making crazy models for my little boy, too.

This is an adaptation of a crochet hat.  When I knitted this hat I knew nothing about crochet. Now I know 2 or 3 things, but I am trying to learn. I think crochet and knitting can bring you calm and happiness in your life and make you more confident.

I feel so happy and proud when my husband tells everybody about his Christmas present. I made him a handmade unique scarf inspired by his games. He loved it more that I could imagine.

I knew he is gone like it, but his reaction was more than I expected. So it was all worth it. He had a big surprise.

This hat is very easy to knit. No difficult patterns, no new and strange stitches. I don’t remember the needles I used, but you need to use the needles that go great with your yarn. Any yarn is good.

L = 46 cm

110 stitches.

Cast 110 stitches.

R 1 : knit

R2 : knit


R22 : knit

R23: k2tog, knit 55, k2tog,knit

R24: k2tog,knit 54, k2tog, knit

R25: k2tog,knit 53,k2tog,knit

R26: k2tog, knit 52, k2tog,knit

R27: k2tog,knit 51, k2tog, knit

R28: k2tog,knit 50,k2tog,knit



With a needle sew together the ends.

To make the ear flaps measure the hat. Each ear flap is 6 cm long and is situated 10 cm from the front and 7 from the back.

Knit 12 stitches for the flap. You can work on the stitches of the hat. Knit 8 rows or more if you want a longer flap.

For the final touch I used the crochet and I did a stitch around the hat and the flaps. This is everything I knew at that time about crocheting. To keep the hat on the hat I made 2 simple cords and I attached on the ear flaps. For the cords and the crocheting around the hat I used the same yarn I used for the Mohawk.

I choose a stronger one so it stays up most of the time.

This is the site that inspire me: Baby child crochet fauxhawk Mohawk

I adapted this crochet pattern to a knitting pattern.

For the Mohawk I made a knitted strip 22cm long and knitted 3 rows.

I cut the yarn 16 cm long and using the crochet I made the fringe. I add the fringe all over the strip. I was very careful not to leave empty spaces.

Sew it on the hat and trim the fringe so it looks good on the hat.

I hope you like it. Keep knitting or crocheting!


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