Jar in twine


Using an Erlenmeyer flask, some twine rope and paint you can make a simple but effective decoration. You can use it for pens and pencils or for your crochet hooks. Use it as a vase for fresh or dry flowers.

This project is easy to do and uses cheap materials. Instead of an Erlenmeyer glass you can use any glass or jar. Find one a little bit different for a more visual effect.

Using glue or hot glue, dabbed a bit of it at the point where you want to start and then attach the end of the twine. Wrap all the jar in twine. Once in a while add another dab of glue to be sure the twine is secure.  It is necessary to put glue at the end so it stays together. After the twine is glued you can start drawing very carefully. Leave it to dry and then you are good to use it anyway you like it.

Easy and with little money, you can make your own decorations. You can use also any type of yarn.


Enjoy making your own vase!

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