Dried flowers for decorations


I love the rustic feeling in the house and there are so many ways to bring this feeling alive. One of them is using dried flowers. Add them to your home décor and you will have a natural beauty perfect for your rustic home. You can use them to decorate your bedroom, your kitchen and even your bathroom.

Pick the flowers in the morning or night when they are beautiful open.

You can use a few techniques to preserve them.

One method is to bury your blooms in a large container of silica gel. In a few days to a week, gently uncover vibrant, preserved flowers. This goes great for roses.

When I was in school, we had a project for biology. We had to bring 30 different dried plants with names and descriptions. I put them between sheets of paper. Each plant had to be on a new sheet so they don’t stick together. After that, I put some books on them. Once all the moisture was gone I had a papery textures plants great for pictures frame, bookmarks, etc.

I dried my wedding bouquet in a vase. It was so easy. That goes well for bulky bouquets. Another easy method is to hang them upside down. Gather the flowers in a bunch and secure the stems with a rubber band. Hang upside down in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

As you can see, many methods to use for dried flowers. Have fun playing with it!



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