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Two colors knitted poncho


Spring or fall, cool days or nights, this poncho is the perfect choice. Made in two color with cable pattern, it is a little complicated for a knitting beginner.

It takes time to make it, so think about starting to knit this poncho. Don’t expect to be ready in 2 days. Even if you work full 2 days you still won’t finish it.

You will need knitting needles, stitch markers, cable needle, yarn needle and of course yarn.

I used a yarn that I had long time ago and I never knitted.

Goes great with any yarn, but let it be soft. Will be a pleasure to wear it.

I found the pattern on the here. You have lots of free patterns and yarn on this beautiful website.

I did not make the collar. I didn’t like it.

This front and back are made from two rectangles. .A 20 stitch cable pattern is worked over 20 stitches, between markers, on each rectangle.

. Stitches on both sides of the cable pattern are worked in a pattern of 3 rows St st (knit on Right Side, purl on Wrong Side) and 1 Wrong Side knit row. 3. The rectangles are sewn together according to assembly diagram to form the poncho.

Poncho is worked holding 2 strands of yarn together throughout.

After you did the two rectangles, refer to assembly diagram, sew short end of back to side edge of front. Sew short end of front to side edge of back, matching A and B.

The pattern is available for free on the website. I used 2 colors. You can adapt the pattern and use as many colors as you like.

Keep knitting!

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