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Roman helmet or Mohawk hat for kids

I am a fan of beautiful and colored hats. Crazy models, wild colors and interesting patterns just make me feel happy and ready to play outside in the snow. I love making crazy models for my little boy, too. This is an adaptation of a crochet hat.  When I knitted this hat I knew nothing… Continue reading Roman helmet or Mohawk hat for kids

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Elegant knitted purse with beads and tassel

I always find it so hard to have a nice unique night purse. After attending a few weddings and parties this year I decide to make an evening purse especially for this king of events. This is my second one. I have a golden one, but is still a working progress. This one took a… Continue reading Elegant knitted purse with beads and tassel

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Why “Loving to purl”?

“Loving to purl” came as a normal thing after 4 years of food and photography blogging. My blog cooking without limitsmade me love blogging. So I thought why not start another one about all the things you can make home with your kids. I started in September, so not so many projects yet on the… Continue reading Why “Loving to purl”?

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Crochet Necklace or Bracelet

This versatile crochet wrap is designed to wrap around your wrist five/six times or may be worn as a necklace. Can come in different colors to match your dress. This is something simple and romantic to make for your or gifts for your best friends. L = 80 cm It is easy to make especially… Continue reading Crochet Necklace or Bracelet